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Affiliate Marketing Series Part - 2

As we knew that you can join an affiliate program either directly through a merchant or through a network that handles the merchants affiliate transactions.

Get Serious First

If you just want to try your hand at affiliate marketing because you heard about it somewhere on the internet then that is not a good reason to start a business doing this. It is not something that will make you millions over night. It actually takes skill.

If you really want to learn a new skill that can possibly turn into a new career then that is what affiliate marketing for beginners is about. The key here is that it will take time to learn and master.

Get Paid To Grow Your Own Business

I build successful WordPress websites and I not only have developed true and sell-able assets, I also got paid to build them. Where else can you do this?

Of course you want instant profits today. Who doesn’t? You can get your instant commission from selling other people’s products but always try and remember how the customer is also connected to your business. Can you connect with that person in the future? Are they signed up to your list, following you on Facebook, or maybe commenting on your content?

Never let a good commission get in the way of your customers. Your website audience is the lifeblood of your business.

That is why you need a website to proceed.

Build a Website VS No Website

You are talking to the wrong person here if you are waiting to hear that you can make lots of money by not having a website. You possibly can make money without a website but what exactly are you building? I like to build a business and something that becomes virtual real estate. If you are planning on spamming social media with affiliate links, or some other devious way to get a sale, then this article is not for you.

I don’t believe that building a business that relies on third party properties is a good idea at all. For example, if you build an awesome Facebook page and make millions from it, what happens when Facebook removes your page? What then?

Or what if you build a website that solely relies on Google for traffic and Google decides to de-index your site for breach of THEIR TERMS?

This is why you need your own website and you need to build your own customer base.

Choosing a Niche

Choosing the right niche for your website can be a tricky thing to do. After all, if you choose the wrong niche you could be working on something that will never actually make money in the end. That is why I have a few simple questions you should ask yourself when choosing a niche:

  • Are people searching for content related to this niche?
  • Is there a problem I can solve for them?
  • When searching in Google, are other businesses advertising on the results pages? Is there money to be made?
  • Is this topic out of my league or do I have the knowledge to be the best?
  • Are competing sites unbeatable with awesome content ? Is there a space for me?

Stick to What You Know

Many people will start building websites that are centred around topics that they really have no idea about. I have seen this many times over the years and it always seems to lead to the same conclusion. If you do not get out of bed every day and enjoy what you do, I can almost guarantee you will not be doing it for long.

Even when building a website from scratch, you need to enjoy the topic that you have to write about every day, because trust me, you will get sick of it very fast. Therefore choosing your website topic should be a mixture of research and passion.

Following is the training video to show you the easiest way to create website/blog to do affiliate marketing.


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Affiliate Marketing Series Part - 1

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

According to Wikipedia, Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

My interpretation is that I am an affiliate marketer and I sell other people’s product for an agreed commission. I send targeted customers to their purchasing page through an affiliate link or banner that I have created. If I send the right person to the right offer I have a better chance of making a sale and getting my commission.

You can join an affiliate program either directly through a merchant or through a network that handles the merchants affiliate transactions.

What to Sell

Now that you have a niche, what can you sell? This is an important question because you cannot just sell anything and everything on the Internet.

Here are a few tips to finding and selling the right affiliate product:

  • The best way to sell a product is to use it yourself. Are you willing to buy it before trying to sell?
  • The best product is the one that is directly matched to your content. A cat lover does not want a dog grooming tool.
  • Think about your reputation when selling other people’s products. Is it a good product and will it please the customer?
  • The merchant page you send your potential customer to must do a good job at converting then to buyers. After all, you have worked hard to get them there.
  • Will the merchant provide good after sale support and care about customers?


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